Like a true New Englander, I let the changing of seasons manifest into an extension of myself. I create primarily by ways of fiber arts and print as a means of letting this extension of myself turn into physical form. I prefer to work with natural, found, and secondhand materials and always keep the environment in mind while I make. I am constantly learning from my peers, and always taking in my surroundings, using imagery I adore in nature to inspire my art. I have been selling fabric prints under the name of Gin Gimlet since 2013, and have been creating with textiles since childhood.

exhibitions / events                                  

  • Boston Hassle Black Market / Boston, MA, summer 2015
  • Burlington Farmer's Market / Burlington, VT / summer 2015
  • Community College of Vermont / Winooski, VT / winter 2015
  • BCA Holiday Market / Burlington, VT / winter 2015
  • O.N.E. Arts Collective / Burlington, VT / fall 2014
  • Urban Outfitters Dreamers and Doers / Boston, MA / fall 2014